Esubael Horst

The Imperial Governor of Piety


Governor Horst presents every inch the Imperial Noble. Tall and broad shouldered, he exudes a palpable aura of command and justified arrogance. He has long, combed back black hair and a thin goatee mustache. He is fond of wearing the highest quality clothing, often lavishly adorning both himself and his ‘chosen’ courtiers until he grows tired of their company. He is famous for his lavish and decadent parties, but only a fool would see him as a dimwitted wastrel.


Horst is the current Imperial Governor of Piety. He is utterly corrupt and immoral, few depravities are beneath him. He was originally tasked with cleaning up Piety but soon fell to temptation. He only reigns because the political will to replace yet another governor of Piety simply does not exist. As a result, a tenuous agreement exists between himself and Scintilla that he might stay in power so long as Piety does not descend further.

Esubael Horst

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