Novus Cortez


Homeworld: Hive World
Divination: The pain of the bullet is ecstasy compared to damnation.
Gender: Male
Build: Brawny Height: 1.75m Weight: 80kg
Skin Colour: Ruddy Hair Colour: Mousey Eye Colour: Lenses Age: 29


WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 35 30 26 32 37 29 29 34
Half Move Full Move Charge Run
3 6 9 18


Skill Basic Trained +10 +20
Awareness (Per) x x
Barter (Fel) x
Carouse (T) x
Charm (Fel) x
Climb (Str) x
Command (Fel) x
Concealment (Ag) x
Contortionist (Ag) x
Deceive (Fel) x
Disguise (Fel) x
Dodge (Ag) x
Drive: Ground (Ag) x
Evaluate (Int) x
Gamble (Int) x
Inquiry (Fel) x
Intimidate (Str) x
Logic (Int) x
Scrutiny (Per) x
Search (Per) x
Silent Move (Ag) x
SL: Hive Dialect (Int) x
SL: Low Gothic (Int) x
Swim (Str) x
Tech-use (Int) x

Talents and Traits:

Weapon Proficiencies:

Melee Weapon Training (Melee)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP)
Heavy Weapon Training()


Accustomed to Crowds: Can run or charge through thick crowds without incurring an Agility check.
Caves of Steel: Tech-use is a basic skill.
Hive Bound: -10 to Survival and -5 to Int tests when outside of a ‘proper’ hab.
Wary: +1 Int.
The Mara Landing Massacre: +5 WP, +1D5 CP, +1D10 IP, +1FP, gain Resistance (Psychic Powers)



Weapons and Armour

Melee Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Special
Knife Melee, Thrown 1D5+3 0 Rending Primitive
Knife Melee 1D10+3 0 Rending Balanced, Primitive
Missile Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Range RoF Clip Reload Special
Las Pistol Pistol 1D10+2 0 Energy 30m S/-/- 30 Full Reliable
Lasgun Basic 1D10+3 0 Energy 100m S/3/- 60 Full Reliable
Shotgun Basic 1D10+4 0 Impact 30m S/-/- 2 2Full Scatter, Reliable
Armour Type Locations Covered AP
Guard Flak All 4


Charge Pack, Lasgun, 1
Charge Pack, Las Pistol, 1
Shotgun Shells, 12

Wounds, Fate Points, Insanity and Corruption

Wounds: 10
Heavily Injured Threshold: 6+
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points
IP 10
Degree of Madness Unsettled
Disorder Severity
Corruption Points
CP 5
Degree of Corruption Tainted


Advance Cost
Awareness 100

Novus Cortez

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