Arbitrator Valorus Durand

Adeptus Arbite and Tireless Servant of The God-Emperor


Valorus is about six feet tall, with a pale complextion and athletic build. He has short, dark brown hair and equally dark brown eyes. While Valorus is conventionally attractive and perfectly personable, some people can find him difficult to be around, due to his strong religious convictions.

Valorus carries himself like a soldier, but his personality is more reflective of a preacher. He is considerd by most who meet him to be incredibly pious, to the point of fanatical. Lesser men may consider him brutal and overzealous, but Valorus just see’s himself as a dedicated Arbitrator, carrying out the Emperors will. Valorus cannot abide heresy in any form. He does not understand why anyone would want to sin against the Emperor to such a degree and believes in dealing out the harshest punishments to any that do.

Valorus is not without his vices. He, like many Arbites, is a habitual user of Lho-sticks. They calm his nerves and allow him to maintain his focus so that he may better follow ‘the Emperors guidance.’

Homeworld: Shrine World
Divination: Be a boon to your brothers and a bane to your enemies
Gender: Male
Build: Athletic Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 160 lbs
Skin Colour: Pale Hair Colour: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Dark Brown Age: 27


WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 45 33 32 34 27 30 34 35
Half Move Full Move Charge Run
3 6 9 18


Skill Basic Trained +10 +20
Awareness (Per) x x
Barter (Fel) x
Carouse (T) x
Charm (Fel) x
Climb (Str) x
Command (Fel) x
Concealment (Ag) x
Contortionist (Ag) x
CL Adeptus Arbites (Int) x
CL Ecclesiarchy (Int) x
CL Imperial Creed (Int) x
CL Imperium (Int) x
Deceive (Fel) x
Disguise (Fel) x
Dodge (Ag) x
Evaluate (Int) x
Gamble (Int) x
Inquiry (Fel) x x x
Intimidate (Str) x
Literacy (Int) x x
Logic (Int) x
Scrutiny (Per) x x
Search (Per) x
Silent Move (Ag) x
SL: Low Gothic (Int) x
Swim (Str) x

Talents and Traits:

Weapon Proficiencies:

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training ()
Basic Weapon Training (SP)
Heavy Weapon Training()


Fear the Unhallowed: -10 on Forbidden Lore tests
The Power of Hate: Gain Hatred (Heretics) or Insanely Faithful
Supplicant: When faced with challenges, mockery, reasoned debate or gentle criticism to the underlying tenets of Imperial Faith, you must succeed in a Willpower Tests or react violently. This may be modified based on the provocation and consequences.


Rapid Reload: Reduces reload times by a half action.
Hatred (Heretics): +10 WS vs Heretics

Weapons and Armour

Melee Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Special
Knife Melee, Thrown 1D5+3 0 Rending Primitive
Brass Knuckles Melee 1D5+2 0 Impact Primitive
Club Melee 1D10+3 0 Impact Primitive
Missile Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Range RoF Clip Reload Special
Shotgun Basic 1D10+4 0 Impact 30m S/-/- 2 2Full Reliable, Scatter
Armour Type Locations Covered AP
Mesh Vest Body 4


Shotgun Shells (12)
Good Quality uniform (1)
Stimm (3)
Injector (1)
Arbitrator ID (1)
Chrono (1)
Lho Sticks (1)
57 Thrones

Wounds, Fate Points, Insanity and Corruption

Wounds: 11
Heavily Injured Threshold: 6+
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points
IP 0
Degree of Madness Sane
Disorder Severity
Corruption Points
CP 0
Degree of Corruption Pure


Advance Cost
Ballistic Skill Simple 100
Awareness 100
Inquiry +10 100
Scrutiny 100

“To serve the Emperor. To protect His domains. To judge and stand guard over His subjects. To carry the Emperor’s law to all worlds under His blessed protection. To pursue and punish those who trespassed against His word.”

Valorus Durand was born and raised on Reshia, an Imperial Shrine World in the Josian Reach of the Calixis Sector. Both Valorus’ parents were fanatical worshipers of the Emperor and active servants of the Ecclesiarchy. The child would attend services and sermons daily alongside his parents, sowing the seeds of a devotion to the Imperial Creed not unlike his mother and father. Valorus idolised the Adeptus Ministorum, inspired and awed by their passion and zeal. In his mind, Valorus rationalised that he was an instrument of the Emperors will and it was his responsibility to enforce the Emperors faith. This caused several problems during Valorus’ adolescence, when he frequently lost his temper with his peers and would visit the ‘Emperors wrath’ upon them. As a result of the his outbursts Valorus soon came to the attention of the local Arbites, following the youth attempting to confront a group of six, single handed.

The Arbites weren’t the only ones to notice Valorus’ fiery attitude, infact the youngster had already built something of a reputation as a result of his unshakeable faith. One such individual was an relatively unheard of Inquisitor named Heinrich Kürzig. The Inquisitor caught wind of the young mans zealotry and decided to harness it for his own good. Pulling a few strings Kürzig was able to get Valorus drafted into the the Adeptus Arbites where he could be refined into a manageable asset to the Imperium. Valorus had no idea who was behind his conscription or why the Arbites had taken him on, but almost immediately his new role begun to change him. While he retained his fervor for the Imperial Creed, Valorus now channeled his energy into his training, and following his graduation, into his entire role. Valorus quickly became known as a dedicated Arbitrator of almost unquestionable character, with the exception of the odd flare up in his temper when his faith was questioned.

Valorus spent ten years serving the Arbites of Reshia, rooting out any criminal or heretical presence that tried to bury its way into the pure surface of the Shrine World. Valorus built an outstanding record, marking himself as charismatic, insightful and a skilled combatant. Hearing that his investment had paid off Inquisitor Kürzig returned to Reshia to collect. Valorus was thanked for his service to his homeworld, then quickly and quietly reassigned into the Inquisitors new retinue. While Valorus welcomed the opportunity to serve under such a high official, he still had no idea why he has been selected to do so.

Whatever his reasons, Kürzig has still neglected to tell Valorus that he was behind his recruitment into the Arbites.

Arbitrator Valorus Durand

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