Vortigern Rutchstaag

A great brute of a man with long hair and beard. His face is careworn and his eyes have seen too much.


Homeworld: Feral
Divination: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken
Gender: Male
Build: Big and muscly Height: 6’5" Weight: 225lb
Skin Colour: Tanned Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Brown Age: 32


WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 27 42 41 29 37 24 30 19
Half Move Full Move Charge Run
2 4 6 12


Skill Basic Trained +10 +20
Awareness (Per) x
Barter (Fel) x
Carouse (T) x
Charm (Fel) x
Climb (Str) x
Command (Fel) x
Concealment (Ag) x
Contortionist (Ag) x
Deceive (Fel) x
Disguise (Fel) x
Dodge (Ag) x
Evaluate (Int) x
Gamble (Int) x
Inquiry (Fel) x
Intimidate (Str) x
Logic (Int) x
Navigation (Surface) (Int) x
Scrutiny (Per) x
Search (Per) x
Silent Move (Ag) x
SL: Low Gothic (Int) x x
SL: Tribal Dialect (Int) x x
Survival (Int) x
Swim (Str) x x
Tracking (Int) x

Talents and Traits:

Weapon Proficiencies:

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP)


Iron Stomach: +10 Carouse
Last Man Standing: Frenzy, Jaded, Talented (Carouse), must drink alcohol (or similar intoxicants) every day or suffer -10 WP per day. If WP reaches 0, character embarks on bender.
Primitive: -10 Tech-Use and Fel when in civilized society
Rite of Passage: Full-round Action, Int test to stop bleeding effect.
Wilderness Savvy: Navigate (Surface), Survival & Tracking always basic skills.


Frenzy: Full-round Action, +10 WS, Str, T, WP & -20 to BS, Int. Must attack nearest enemy in Melee if possible. Immune to Fear, Pinning, Stunning and Fatigue effects. Must All-out Attack if able. Frenzied for duration of combat.
Jaded: Never gain IP from the sight of blood or scenes of mundane death or violence.
Talented (Carouse): +10 to Carouse skill rolls

Weapons and Armour

Melee Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Special
Mono Sword Melee 1D10+4 2 Rending Balanced, Mono
Knife Melee, Thrown 1D5+4 0 Rending Primitive
Missile Weapons
Name Class Damage Pen Type Range RoF Clip Reload Special
Lasgun Basic 1D10+3 0 Energy 100m S/3/- 60 Full Reliable
Las Pistol Pistol 1D10+2 0 Energy 30m S/-/- 30 Full Reliable
Shotgun Basic 1D10+4 0 Impact 30m S/-/- 2 2Full Scatter, Reliable
Armour Type Locations Covered AP
Guard Flak Armour All 4


Overcharged Lasgun Pack (1)

Bottle of Rotgut
Corpse Starch Rations (1 Week)
Mercenary License
Street Clothes (Common Quality)

Wounds, Fate Points, Insanity and Corruption

Wounds: 12
Heavily Injured Threshold: 8+
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points
IP 8
Degree of Madness Stable
Disorder Severity
Corruption Points
CP 0
Degree of Corruption Pure


Advance Cost
Weapon Skill +5 100
Sound Constitution 1 100
Sound Constitution 2 100
Last Man Standing 100

Vortigern comes from the Feral World of Sadtenlaw. His father was high chieftain of his tribe so, when the men from the sky came in their mighty ships looking for warriors to fight and win glory for the one true God, young Vortigern was first in the line to join them. With his brothers of the regiment he traveled to worlds beyond his imagination and fought monsters more insane than the most deluded ravings of the most frantic madmen.

That was some years ago and many battlefields. Vortigern has seen most of his friends die face down in the mud, forgotten and unmourned. There is no glory for men such as he and the one true God does not care for his people. Now Vortigern fights for himself. After his conscription ended he mustered out and acquired his mercenary license. He did not want to remain in this harsh world of cold void and metal boats but after all he has seen he cannot return home again. He was busy drinking himself into a quite ablivion on some retched filth hole of a planet when he was approached by a strange individual who would change his life forever. If Vortigern thought he had seen everything before, he’s in for quite a surprise…

Vortigern Rutchstaag

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