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  • Acolytes

    [[:valorus-durand | Judge Valorus Durand]] - Tom [[:vortigern-rutchstaag | Vortigern Rutchstaag]] - Kenny Matthias Ozalil - Dave Hal White - Colin

  • Vortigern Rutchstaag

    Vortigern comes from the Feral World of Sadtenlaw. His father was high chieftain of his tribe so, when the men from the sky came in their mighty ships looking for warriors to fight and win glory for the one true God, young Vortigern was first in the line …

  • Arbitrator Valorus Durand

    _"To serve the Emperor. To protect His domains. To judge and stand guard over His subjects. To carry the Emperor's law to all worlds under His blessed protection. To pursue and punish those who trespassed against His word."_ Valorus Durand was born and …